Dead Day Dog

Dead Day Dog is a transdisciplinary project around the notion of trauma and the knot as a metaphor for trauma. Dead Day Dog looks for alternative ways of cooperation by knotting different artistic languages together through the use of scores. The research promotes an innovative and interactive relation with the audience at the intersection of different disciplines. 

Initiated and directed by Mieke Weckesser & Agnes Schneidewind / Choreography: Andrea Lagos / Performers: Irene Carreño, Rebecca Narum, Rense Hettinga, Kilian Schweidler, Ewelina Kotwa, Daniel Rakovsky / Multimedia: Claudia Carolin Münch / Technical support: Hannes Kieselbach

* Knots are always in the midst of things, while their ends are on the loose, rooting for other lines to tangle with. Like knots, our practices are the root principle of construction. Knots remember everything, and have everything to forget. Like knots, our practices are contrary forces of tension and friction, which are generative of new forms.

(Inspired by and borrowed from Tim Ingold, The Life of Lines, 2015)

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